Research priorities

Breathlessness (dyspnoea)

Breathlessness is a core symptom in many advanced conditions.  It is distressing, frightening, and difficult to manage.  CSI’s research is bringing better understanding of this challenging symptom, and improving management and treatment.

Building capacity, access, rights, and empowerment (BuildCARE)

This program is addressing a critical lack of capacity in palliative care in many countries of the world by developing future academic and clinical leaders in palliative care.  It uses technology to disseminate expertise, translate research into practice, and engage and empower communities to access palliative care in their preferred place of care.

The program consists of

  1. International Access, Rights, and Empowerment Program
  2. Dissemination, Engagement, and Empowerment Program
  3. The Cicely Saunders International PhD Studentship Program
  4. Cicely Saunders International Faculty Scholars Program

Palliative care for older people

This research develops and evaluates new models of care that improve access to palliative care services, and provide enhanced benefits for older people living in the community with non-malignant conditions, at critical moments in their condition. 

Empowering patients

Most people across developed countries do not die at home, although this is the wish of the majority.  A core value for palliative care is patient empowerment, which includes an assurance that patients facing the end of their lives receive appropriate care in the place where they wish to spend their last days particularly those in neglected groups in society.

Education and capacity building

The Cicely Saunders Institute provides palliative care education for doctors, nurses, and other allied health professionals and creates opportunities for masters, doctoral, post-doctoral, and travel fellowships.  These meet the need to develop future leaders of palliative care throughout the globe and education through better international exchange of ideas and practice, and by crossing cultural barriers.

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